"Wavepiercing Trimaran"


Wavepiercing Trimaran

Work on new developments is always afoot at CLD and a range of concept designs are slowly emerging aimed at achieving the ultimate in sea keeping performance. A concept more suited to larger vessels in the interests of achieving sufficient interior volume, work to date has concentrated on large ferries capable of high speeds through rough water. The grey test model pictured was funded by Diogene Marine of Mauritious to prove the concept for an 20m recreational vessel and a 53m passenger ferry respectively.

Essentially a single wavepiercer demi-hull, with small stabilizers, early work on efficiency and stability is encouraging and development continues. The model has been fitted with acceleration data logging equipment so that comparisons can be made with similarly sized planing monohulls and catamarans in a known sea state.

Further provisional design work is under way for a local client on a vessel of 22m length for a round the world speed record attempt, before retirement as a distinctive charter venture. Visit Earth Race's website for more details.


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