LENGTH (overall)  27.5 m
BEAM  9.0 m
DRAFT  1.8 m
POWER  2 x 1400 hp
FUEL  12500 litres
CRUISE (60% MCR)  20 knots
SPRINT  30 knots
RANGE (10 knots)  2000 nautical miles

27m Wavepiercing Catamaran - Tatami
(See the build photos at end of page)

Tatami was conceived as the ultimate liveaboard passage maker – although with more than a few twists and surprises…

Mating the conventional bow of a mono-hull with the twin hulls of a catamaran makes for an interesting and stylish boat that the world now knows as a wavepiercer….

Offering the accommodation expected of a much larger yacht, this stunning three and a half deck motor yacht incorporates the requirements of her Mediterranean client with the latest thinking in wavepiercer design from the International Super Yacht award winning team of Craig Loomes Design Group in New Zealand. The term ‘wavepiercer’ is used most commonly to describe a modified catamaran hull form, so not only will Tatami offer the stability and efficiency of a catamaran, but the mono-hull bow and rapier like wave piercing demi-hulls combine to produce an uncannily smooth ride. 

Powered by twin V12 Caterpillar diesels and urged forward by carbon fibre propellers, the sprint speed of the boat will be in excess of 35 knots, yet the efficiency of her catamaran hulls is such that trans-Atlantic range is possible without the need to deck stow temporary fuel tanks.

Special features include a stern elevator platform that forms an aft deck large enough not only to be able to stow a 6m tender, but with the added convenience of launching and retrieving the tender at the touch of a button. The platform lowers from it’s parked position 1.5m above the water, to submerged in less than a minute and is an excellent means of accessing the water for divers, the infirm or even - with guard rails in place - as a safe swimming area for children. And when the sun has set, the platform provides a fabulous place for dinner with the water lapping just at your feet….

Tatami will also be able to offer her guests uniquely alternate experiences in a matter of minutes - flying nearly 9m above the waves in the custom composite ‘tuna tower’ one minute, and the underwater experience of a submariner the next, with her armoured glass underwater windows offering a fish’s eye view of the world.

Accommodation includes a full beam master suite worthy of a 50m super yacht with 25 square metres of interior space and a completely private 16 square metres of exterior deck to soak up the sun or enjoy a peaceful breakfast. Two queen sized double cabins each with ensuite and a further double plus a four bunk cabin sharing another bathroom complete the guest accommodation. Crew quarters for three include dedicated ablution and galley facilities with discreet access from inside the boat and out.

Construction is in epoxy wood composite to Germanischer Lloyd structural plan approval and survey with delivery expected in 2008. Tatami is being built in Egypt with remote assistance from the CLD office and a Kiwi yard manager providing technology transfer to the local Egyptian labour force. She is being built on speculation by Efor (Liechtenstein), with their Egyptian partner Nautile Ltd. The supply of all machinery, systems and composite materials is by Mapso Marine Propulsion and Supply sae.

"27m Wave Piercer Build"

First frames stood up
A sense of scale
View of the demihull
First cedar strip planking
Upper level Planking
A view from aft
Preparing for inside skin
Laminating inside skin
Feul tank lids laminated off the job
Inside skin completed
Fitting internal structure
More internal structure
Fitting ring frame / bulkhead
Patterning for bulkheads
Vacuum bagging bulkhead
Major bulkheads installed
Engine girders going in
Minor bulkhead fitting
Removing the build frames
Out of the shed - ready for roll
Lifted from the cradles
Over she goes
Kiwi yard manager - under control
The eagle has landed
Back into the shed
Almost there
Prepped for outside skin
Laminating the outside skin aft
Laminating the outside skin forward
Meanwhile - the upper level build frames
Upper level  deck framing
Ready for rolling
... & over....
... she goes
Ready for outside skin
Fairinfg the hull
Fitting Aft curved bulkead 
Hard top construction
Hard top construction


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