LENGTH 25.2 m
BEAM 6.2 m
DRAFT 1.6 m
POWER 2 x 1300 hp
FUEL 22000 litres
CRUISE 20~22 knots
SPRINT 28 knots
RANGE 3490 nautical miles

25m Wavepiercer Catamaran - 'Sampitres'

Constructed in 2002 at the Auckland, New Zealand based yard of Vaudrey Miller Yachts is this 25m addition to the Craig Loomes Design Group Ltd stable of wavepiercer power catamarans. "Sampitres" has been selected by the Nominating Committee of the Super Yacht Society as a category finalist - "Best Power 23m - 32m" - for the 2003 International Superyacht Design Awards Program.

Intended to meet the usually conflicting requirements of passage maker and Mediterranean day boat, this 25m wavepiercer will be capable of trans-Atlantic range as well as a 28 knot plus sprint, depending upon the occasion.

Less beamy than the 26m Ultimate Lady, class winner of a 1998 Superyacht award, the new boat will be better suited to the tight berthing situations encountered in the Mediterranean, further increasing its versatility. 

A three and a half deck motor yacht, this wavepiercer includes two double staterooms, a double cabin and two bunkrooms. 

Light Sycamore and Maple timbers and burl veneers complement natural stone and brushed alloy features to create a clean almost minimalist look with a contemporary Zen-Pacific warmth and designed with the harmony of feng shui.


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