Latest Site Updates:
04-12-07 News Update - 35m, 40 knot, 12 pax Mediterraenean sport yacht
21-10-07 News Update - High speed 42' day boat
15-10-07 12m Trimaran - Build pictures added
15-10-07 27m Wavepiercer - Tatami - build photos
12-10-07 31m Monohull Motor Yacht - Page added
05-10-07 7m trimaran - page added
15-09-07 Design & Build Process pages added
14-09-07 27m Wavepiercer - Tatami - build photos
12-09-07 News Update - 27m Wave Piercing catamaran superstructure roll in Egypt
01-09-09 12m Trimaran - Build pictures added
06-08-07 News Update - Multi-purpose superyacht tender
20-07-07 86m Wavepiercer - Page added
20-07-07 14m Wavepiercer - Page added & in build
16-07-07 27m Wavepiercer - Tatami - page added & in build
01-07-07 News Update - Weed mulching barge paddle wheels from CLD
25-06-07 News Update - 27m wavepiercer catamaran build - hull roll
22-06-07 News Update - 17m sailing catamaran fixed by CLD team
20-06-07 News Update - 23m wavepiercing trimaran charter operations in Mauritius
12-06-07 News Update - 14m sedan sportfish for existing CLD client
01-06-07 News Update - Earthrace has pulled out of her current circumnavigation record attempt
21-05-07 News Update - 14m power catamaran build progreesing well for repeat CLD clients
05-05-07 News Update - 'The Black Pearl' - 29m monohull motor yacht
26-04-07 News Update - 14.5m high speed assault craft
08-04-07 News Update - 12m homebuild wavepiercer catamaran update
28-03-07 News Update - CLD delivers kitset & drawings for 9m sportfish
15-03-07 News Update - 12m wavepiercing trimaran build nears completion
10-03-07 News Update - CLD trimaran commences circumnavigation record attempt
20-02-07 News Update - 16m high speed interceptor for S E Asia
07-02-07 News Update - 7m fast trimaran dayboat / overnighter
30-01-07 News Update - 37m private motoryacht wavepiercer catamaran
15-01-07 News Update - 20m amphibious ferry / excursion boat
18-12-06 News Update - 15m Coastguard boat concept
05-12-06 News Update - CLD Design & Engineer horse float
05-12-06 23m Patrol Boat concept page added
28-11-06 News Update - 23m Patrol Boat concept submitted to tender
01-11-06 News Update - 11m Catamaran build in Australia
25-10-06 News Update - Craig & Kirsty's 3rd child, Amelie is born
15-10-06 News Update - Ezy Charga camper van design & engineereing
25-09-06 News Update - 23m Wavepiercer Catamaran Build in Egypt
07-08-06 New pictures for 23m trimaran - "Patrol One" & 20m catamaran "Polaris"
07-08-06 New opening page added
05-07-06 News Update - 151m Trimaran 
11-05-06 News update - 23m Wavepiercing trimaran launched in Mauritius
27-04-06 News update - 14m catamaran commences for repeat clients
22-02-06 Earthrace - 23m Wavepiercing Trimaran Launched
15-01-06 20m Alloy Wavepiercer Launched
19-12-05 23m trimaran - Build photos added
11-10-05 Customs Boat - Fleet picture added
07-09-05 11m Sportfisher - Launched photos added
05-09-05 News update - Ezy Rentals Campre Van 
20-08-05 News update - 11m Sportsfisher Launched
05-08-05 Build photos posted for 23m trimaran
25-07-05 News update - 11m spotsfisher launched
06-07-05 News update - wavepiercing animation of the earthrace trimaran
05-07-05 Build photos posted for 23m trimaran
03-06-05 Page added for 14m sailing catamaran
15-05-05 News update - Powersail model testing completed and video posted
29-04-05 News update - 19m Ultra-bling wavepiercer signed up
08-04-05 News update - 23m trimaran building in Mauritius
05-04-05 News update - Esprit 920 catamaran design build commences
18-03-05 Powersail 15m commences build at Calibre Boatbuilders
16-03-05 Powersail 15m page added, 13m Wavepiercer cat build photos added
18-02-05 News update - 3 differnet wavepiercing trimarans start build in 2005
17-02-05 Pages added for Earthrace Trimaran and the 12m Trimaran
05-01-05 Detail Design Package page added showing a typical 
10-11-04 News update - Radical 80 knot speed machine
01-11-04 News update - The Earthrace posed to build early 2005
08-10-04 News update - 12m wavepiercer trimaran to be built in New Zealand
08-10-04 Build photos updated for 13m Wave-piercer catamaran
14-09-04 20m Wavepiercer Trimaran page added
26-08-04 Updated pictures of the 11m catamaran and news updates
15-07-04 Various News updates
15-06-04 News update - 11m Power Catamaran launched
04-06-04 News update - 20m Wave Piercer Catamaran lost in yard fire
04-06-04 Updated build pictures of 12.6m Wave Piercer Catamaran and 20m Wave Piercer Catamaran
24-05-04 News update - 21m power catamaran
30-04-04 Sailing photos added showing the "Hauraki 45" Cruiser / Racer
08-04-04 In build photos added to 11m power catamaran page
08-04-04 Testimonial page added
01-04-04 Page added for 43m Wave Piercer Catamaran
19-03-04 Build pages update for 20m wavepiercing catamaran
19-03-04 New page added for novel 20m Motor / Sailing Yacht
02-03-04 New page added for 12.6m wavepiercing catamaran
25-02-04 News update - Patrol boats, conceptions and births and wavepiercing trimaran ferry
12-12-03 HK-45 cruiser-racer sail boat launched
07-11-03 15m Power catamaran page added
05-11-03 CLD develops rescue boat design
10-10-03 11m power catamaran page added, 30m power catamaran announced
01-10-03 Luxury taxi revealed and other news updates
12-09-03 Build page updates 11m sportfisher, 20m wavepiercer and 14m sail boat
02-09-03 Build photo updates for 20m wavepiercer
01-09-03 News update - Sampitres nominated for International Superyacht Society Design Awards Program & preliminary design of a 16m pilot-house yacht
29-08-03 News update new designs and builds under way
20-08-03 In build pages updated for 11m sportfisher, 20m wavepiercer and 14m sail boat
25-07-03 Water taxi pictures at speed and 20m wavepiercer build update
18-07-03 Quick links to news & gallery pages added above. News update - Tournament 9...
11-07-03 News update and 11m sportfish build photos posted
08-07-03 Water taxi launch photos added
27-06-03 In build pages updated for 20m wavepiercer and 17.5m power catamaran
20-06-03 11m sportfisher, being built by Calibre Boats NZ, added to design portfolio. Company profile added to 'about us' section.
13-06-03 14m sail boat & 20m wavepiercer in-build picture updates
12-06-03 42m Motor Yacht design page added
30-05-03 20m pilothouse wavepiercer & raised bridge version added
16-05-03 All "In-Build" pages updated with latest images
09-05-03 Pages added showing University of Auckland's research vessel, Malaysian Police strike craft and an 80+ mile per hour speed boat -"Massive Attack"
30-04-03 'On the drawing board' news update
15-04-03 New site launched

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