The prototype water taxi was launched in Auckland on Saturday 5th July 2003. It was good to see the vessel in the water after the long & involved project! The prototype will get its final shake down and finishing touches over the next couple of weeks before going into service. Watch the local press for a boat test or come to Auckland and take a ride for yourself.

LENGTH  11.1 m
BEAM  4.1 m
DRAFT  1.2 m
POWER  575 hp
FUEL  800 litres
SPEED  30 knots
PASSENGERS  30 (seated)

Water Taxi

A collaborative design effort between Craig Loomes Design Group and Grant Reed Designs, this striking design with its retro New York cab styling and bright yellow paintwork is intended to offer a practical, high speed passenger water taxi service to cities around the world with river, lake or harbour frontage. 

Accomodating up to 36 passengers, the tax offers bow, stern and port and starboard loading, a large head compartment, air conditioning and some external seating.  It can be configured for propellers or water jet drive and either twin or single engine set ups.

The first boat from the mould is due for launching in mid 2003.  Powered by a single Scania diesel with conventional shaft and propeller set up, this funky new taxi is sure to turn heads, wherever it sees service.

A luxury version of the water taxi has been conceived by Craig Loomes Design Group in conjunction with Grant Reed. This extravagent vessel will cater for Royalty and the extremely wealthy. More details are available upon request. 


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