The design team at CLD now finalise all details as defined in the design agreement in order to furnish the chosen yard with information to build the boat. A typical package includes comprehensive drawings covering structures, systems, interior/exterior fit out and custom items. The actual design is still relatively fluid within the confines of the preliminary design and it is possible to make minor alterations to layouts and systems. 

Generally the package contains the following:

     1.  A 50~200 page specification detailing every aspect of the vessel, its construction, systems, fit-out, finish and classification requirements.
     2.  A detailed weight study listing the weight and location of all structure and onboard components to predict the position of the longitudinal, vertical and transverse centre of gravity for the vessel.
     3.  A hydrostatics report and stability booklet giving floatation etc for different loading conditions based on a 3D computer generated surface model.
     4.  Powering and speed estimates based on accurate data and prediction methods combined with model testing where appropriate.
     5.  3D visualisation renderings that give an idea of the aesthetics before the vessel is built.
     6.  A thorough drawing package detailing geometry, structures, arrangements and systems.

The following images represent a typical drawing package submitted for the build phase. This particular vessel is a 14m crew boat, built in aluminium alloy and has a full set of cut files generated and nested for CNC cutting. Actual drawings are provided to scale in both A1 and A3 format as required.


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