Choosing the right yard to build your boat is critical. A yard should be chosen on its merits and they should generally have experience in the type and size of vessel that is required. A yard with an efficient management/administration structure and good communication skills should be chosen. Well established yards would usually have a beneficial influence on the resale value of a boat.

The in-house design capabilities, quality, and experience of the yard will dictate the extent of yard support required from CLD during the build. Smaller yards will require more assistance with all manner of details that would routinely be sorted in-house by a larger yard. While the smaller yard will usually quote a lower price, the additional yard support required from CLD can increase the design cost and thus offset the perceived savings.

It is often the case, although not desirable, that the build will commence before the ‘detail design’ work is complete. The reason for this is to get the boat launched as early as possible. This can lead to variation orders being made, which were not covered in the build quote and costs can increase. Conversely the cost can also reduce, although this is seldom the case.


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