This is a service offered by CLD to provide an additional measure of quality control during the build of the vessel over and above those in place at the yard and any on-site checking required by survey or classification requirements. It provides the client with an on-site presence of a design representative who has a profound understanding of the vessel from its conception. The quality audit process should not be confused with project management, which is the responsibility of the yard or a dedicated independent project manager.

Generally, the quality audit involves regular visits to the yard for the purposes of inspection and discussions. Build quality is assessed as well as adherence to the supplied drawings and specifications. Build progress is also monitored and compared with yard projections and milestones. Further options are to check items purchased against specification, verification of arrival to store and to establish total costs to the date of the visit. 

Each visit is summarised in a written report. including pertinent digital photos. that is furnished to the client. A draft copy of this report is usually sent to the yard first to allow an interactive response and to clear up any areas that may have been misinterpreted before submitting to the client. 

This quality audit role is one that CLD carries out with a passion the most important aspect of any project for us is that the boat exceeds the expectations of her new owner. We work very hard to achieve this end. 


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