There are a number of additional services that Craig Loomes Design Group offers to assist in the realisation of custom and production boat design and construction.  Similar expertise has been utilised to assist in the refit and optimisation of existing vessels.

The combined experience of CLD’s staff includes many years in the marine industry, involving boat building, yard and project management, systems design and installation, structural engineering with specific expertise in marine composites, naval architecture, consulting and general boating.

CLD is also heavily involved in technology transfer and yard set up in many countries around the world. 

Operations in Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt, Mauritius, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Indonesia, Thailand, The US and New Zealand have all benefited from working with CLD staff. 

For commercial, para-military or pleasure boat building organisations, our involvement includes complete facility design and set up,  materials and equipment procurement, build process optimisation and personnel recruitment & training.

We are committed to providing a professional and excellent service. 


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