LENGTH  16.0 m
BEAM  4.5 m
DRAFT  0.8 m
POWER  2 x 1200hp
FUEL  4000 litres
CRUISE  40 knots
SPRINT  55 knots
RANGE  450 nautical miles

16m Customs Patrol Craft

Designed specifically for the Royal Malaysian Customs Department, this design was a production run of nine units.

Intended as a high speed patrol craft, the boats are capable of a sprint speed in excess of 50 knots from twin 1200hp V12 MAN diesels at mid loading. 

Driven by Seafury surface drives, the boats are reported to have exceptionally good handling characteristics, with high levels of manoeuvrability and good rough weather capabilities. With a fuel capacity of 4000 litres, the boat has a range of 450 nautical miles (10% reserve) at 40 knots.

Constructed in advanced composite materials, the boat was designed for high levels of toughness, utilising materials such as Adhesive Technologies epoxy resins, Dupont's Kevlar cloths and ATC's Corecell foams. 

The hulls are classed to Det Norske Veritas High Speed and Light Craft certification with a 3g maximum allowable deceleration at the longitudinal centre of gravity.

Accommodating two officers and four crew, these boats form a very resourceful and versatile vessel and one that will become a very familiar sight to Asian smugglers in years to come.


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