Craig Loomes
Design Principal, Director

Passionate windsurfer, naval architect and stylist, Craig brings over ten thousand miles of ocean cruising and twenty years of boat design and building experience to the company. With a strong reputation for drawing attractive, practical and top performing boats Craig is pictured here astride the starboard hull of 'Ultimate Lady', taking care not to get his feet wet.

André Moltschaniwskyj
Senior Engineer, Director,  (BE mech)

Avid fisher and structural engineer, André allows CLD to offer unparalleled expertise in marine structural design and research. His experience ranges from structural design work for America's Cup and Whitbread campaigns to pleasure craft ranging from 4m runabouts to 40m super yachts. 

Kirsty Loomes
Financial Controller, Director

With the recent arrival of Claude Craig Loomes, Kirsty now administers the company's finances from home and continues in her role as a director of the company.

Rupert Shaw
Design Engineer, Naval Architect,  (BEng)

Rupert immigrated to New Zealand in 2000 and joined CLD in 2001. A graduate from Southampton's acclaimed yacht and powercraft design course, Rupert also has experience in ballistic research and development, production management and boat building.

Brad Wood
Design Draughtsman

A qualified boat builder, Brad joined CLD during 1999 in a design and draughting role. Continuing his education with a correspondence course Diploma in Boat Design from the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology in Connecticut, USA, Brad brings a good blend of practical and theoretical knowledge to his work.

Tim Patrick
Design Draughtsman (DAT) (CAT)

Tim has dedicated his life to boats in general and fishing in particular from an early age. Recently graduated from the Diploma in Marine Technology from Auckland's Unitec with the award of top design student for his year, Tim also completed a certificate in boat building. 



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