1998 International Super Yacht of the Year Award

On Friday the 29th of October 1999 in conjunction with the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, Craig Loomes of Craig Loomes Design Group Ltd was presented with the International Superyacht Society Design Award in the23 - 32m Power Category, for the design of the 26m wave piercer, Ultimate Lady.

This is the first time that a New Zealand designer has ever won this most prestigious of awards and Loomes joins the hallowed ranks of the world’s top super yacht designers.

The 26m Ultimate Lady was built in Auckland; launched in August of 1998 she is believed to be the first ever luxury wave piercer catamaran.

1998 ’Yacht Vision’ ’Spruce Goose’ Design Award

Judged by a distinguished panel including Bruce Farr and Glade Johnson, the winner of the ’Spruce Goose’ design award at the 1998 ’Yacht Vision’ symposium in New Zealand, was the 50m Wave Piercer motor yacht from the offices of Craig Loomes Design Group Ltd.

Big sister to the 26m Wave Piercer ’Ultimate Lady’ the 50m Wave Piercer boasts accommodation levels comparable to an 80m monohull, featuring interior layouts and designs specifically tailored to the preferences of the owner. Marrying elegant and timeless good looks with modern technology, the 50m Wave Piercer is a truly stunning motor yacht.

1994 National Power Boat Rally

The rally, held in Auckland harbour, consisted of a five lap, 80km course, in which family-orientated production boats competed. The event was not a straight out sprint to the finish but consisted of several performance
measured stages and included prizes for efficiency, economy and nominated speed.

The 'Tournament 8', (now built by Kevan Moore Sportfishers), received 11 of the prizes, including Best Overall Performance, Efficiency, and the Rex Henry Trophy for Best Design


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