LENGTH  26.0 m
BEAM  7.3 m
DRAFT  1.5 m
POWER  2 x 1800 hp
FUEL  15000 litres
CRUISE  30 knots
SPRINT  36 knots
RANGE  1000 nautical miles

26m Motor Yacht

With a history of design of stable, soft riding and efficient planing monohulls and international recognition of excellence in styling, it was only logical that CLD would combine the instantly recognisable style of the aggressive looking wavepiercer, with a single hull.

The craft has been designed with the intention of providing a clear differentiation from the many generically styled motor yachts of similar size on the market today. 

The styling is unique, sharing elegantly traditional cues with strikingly modern,  predatory looks yet without the ‘quirkiness’ that so often is used to separate one design from others. 

Great emphasis has been placed on making the owner’s suite an exceptional space to live, with plenty of room, optimising the available light and sightlines whilst incorporating the additional benefit of an indoor outdoor flow.

The use of internal volume is efficient, without creating tight, awkward spaces – the passageways and doorways are of generous proportions to emphasise the feeling of spaciousness.

Plenty of thought has been placed into practicalities also – the mast rakes hydraulically to reduce the overall height of the vessel for bridge clearance and a unique twin chine design eliminates annoying chine slap whilst at rest.

Although still at conceptual stage, the realisation of this vessel will be a superb motor yacht and a mark of distinction.


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